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Are you choose glass film productsThe following problem?

Too much glass film products plant,It is hard to find a certain product and production strength guaranteed?

Shell companies too much,Can't find a design、Consultation、Sales、The installation、After sales services to all aspects of the company?

There are many different kinds of glass film products,The price is different,Unable to make sure you buy the rest assured products?

After tint with quality problems,Supplier is not maintained?

Do one thing by heart
Focus on glass film career、Building film production design and construction

Win his smart diaphragm from the United States in one hundred, the factory with the global masterpiece of combination of a few large factory。The quality of the strong guarantee to win his diaphragm and commitment to quality assurance for ten years

Win's son with the domestic real estate real estate company、Curtain wall companies established long-term supply sticker services engineering and provide matching solutions。

The pursuit of perfect quality,Start from the raw materials

To win his smart diaphragm in order to ensure the quality and quality of the diaphragm,Raw materials are importedpet,Ensure that product in the period of validity is not problems

To win his intelligence diaphragm heat insulation performance、Safety protection performance were higher than national required standards

To win his smart diaphragm quality inspection standards,Adopts full inspection procedure,Ensure the quality of diaphragm stability

Field measurement custom tint installation project
Help you compared to the cost savings30%-50%

According to customer different needs,To win his smart diaphragm from the product design and construction
Provide a perfect solution

Powerful construction team,Perfect system standard,To ensure the construction smooth delivery,To save time for you

For one-on-one follow-up project,Considerate service

Try to provide free door-to-door service,Ensure customer satisfaction

Ten years of quality assurance,Long warranty period,Let you rest assured to use

Professional after-sale team regularly pay a return visit,A quick response

Hotline:021-58050720Advice immediately

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Shanghai win his glass film company was founded in Shanghai pudong new area high-tech development zone, is specialized is engaged in building energy efficiency technology in the development of high-tech products、The business、Marketing and comprehensive enterprise of construction service。At present mainly locate in the architectural glass film industry,Membrane varieties:Energy-saving insulation membrane,Safety explosion-proof membrane,Sunscreen insulation membrane,Privacy heat insulation membrane,One-way perspective membrane,Grind arenaceous film、Thermal insulation membrane construction engineering application、Color decorative film、The four seasons general membrane、A variety of functions such as film series。And provide a variety of film and installation sticker pictures,Dedicated to the construction safety explosion-proof membrane and glass heat insulation explosion protection installation,Sales,Design,Construction of one-stop services, etc。In order to“Architectural glass film expert”The measured service standards and requirements。For the majority of customers to provide professional housing that occupy the home,Public buildings and commercial buildings, such as architectural glass film。

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