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    News of the company
Unity is strength production,United...  [2019/9/17]
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    Dynamic company
Unity is strength production,United...  [2019/9/17]
Xlrdzwy company party branch a party member...  [2019/8/28]
Xlrdzwy company to go through2019...  [2019/8/26]
Xlrdzwy held firm“Bayi army day...  [2019/7/25]
Xlrdzwy company2019Years“Three standard...  [2019/7/19]
Xlrdzwy company party branch“Good...  [2019/7/2]
Organize xlrdzwy company“To meet the July 1...  [2019/6/21]
   Product center
CIGSEfficient thin film solar cells back electrode Intelligent dimming glass LOW-ECoated glass LOW-EInsulating glass
    Bengbu xlrdzwy glass co., LTD., independent research and development of high efficiency thin film solar cells back electrode materials,Instead of pure molybdenum molybdenum alloy,Realized the historical breakthrough,And achieve large-scale production。Product features:1、Target material cost reduction40% 2、The photoelectric conversion year-on-year increase3% 3、Membrane layer thickness300nmThe left and right sides 4、The film has good stability 5、No pollution
    Intelligent dimming glass is a liquid crystal composite membrane into two layers of glass in the middle,After high temperature and high pressure agglutination mono-assembly of the sandwich structure of new type special photoelectric glass products,Control of electric current on and off or not control state of transparent and opaque glass。A privacy、Projection, and other functions,Security、Environmental protection、Sound insulation, etc。
    LOW-EIs a layer on the glass surface plating system with low radiation function of metal or compound thin film,The glass surface has a very high far infrared reflectivity,To reach the purpose of heat preservation。Compared with ordinary glass and traditional building coating glass,Excellent heat insulation effect and good pervious to light quality。
    LOW-EHollow glass is a kind of good thermal insulation、Sound insulation、Beautiful and practical,New building materials and can reduce the building self-respect。Hollow glass is to use two pieces(Or three pieces)The glass,Made of aluminum alloy frame with containing desiccant bonded seal effective sound insulation、Insulating glass。
LEDLuminescence glass Electric hollow Venetian glass One-way perspective glass Bulletproof glass
    LED Glowing glass is a kind of willLEDLight source is embedded in the glass,Be transparency in line,High-tech product design all sorts of style design and logo,Has good capability of moistureproof。Can be used for flat glass or curved glass。Widely used in the store,The hotel,The conference room,In the window,Shelf displays,The skylight,Boutiques and monopoly counter, etc。
    Electric hollow Venetian glass,Is the blinds and blinds electric components,Set in the cavity between the two pieces of glass,And then the edges between two pieces of glass,With hollow glass sealant seal。There are two kinds of electric hollow Venetian glass control mode:The first button switch control for metope;The second is...
    One-way visual one-way perspective glass(Also called atomic mirror、One-way mirror、One-way glass、One-way visual glass, etc),Is a kind of special glass to visible light has a high reflectance,One-way perspective glass when use reflection is smooth or toward the outside side,When than indoor bright outside,One-way perspective glass...
    Bullet-proof glass was actually a kind of laminated glass,It is made of layers of glass(Organic or inorganic)And film composite is made。Can prevent penetration in weapons range,对人体和财产提供防护的多层The glass组合体,Bulletproof、Explosion-proof、Guard against theft、Uv protection、The function of the noise insulation,Does not lose the characteristics of ordinary sandwich glass。
  Science and technology innovation
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  The dynamic of the industry
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  Enterprise honor
Bengbu xlrdzwy glass co., LTD
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