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About us

  Shaanxi life for science and technology co., LTD. Is located in the birthplace of qin culture xianyang,The registered capital300Wan,After joining the source of green brand company,Relying on the blue group rapidly grow into a well-known home appliance cleaning company in the province、Xianyang homemaking company、Xianyang cleaning company、Xianyang cleaning company!The company main business is mainly around lampblack pipeline cleaning、Xianyang forest cleaning、Clean kitchen equipment、Clean kitchen exhaust system、Tall building external wall cleaning、Fume hood cleaning、Hotel cleaning etc。Our company with strict requirements,Standard service,System management system,High quality service level,To achieve high standards,A high starting point,High demand,Three high service concept for the general customers to provide the most perfect service!The company USES the independent research and development a full set of professional electrical appliances cleaning equipment and technology,Using the full range of foreign production technology independent research and development of food-grade special cleaning agents,Relying on numerous professional technician team with many years work experience,Provide for big smoke lampblack machine、The central air conditioning、Household smoke lampblack machine、air conditione、The washing machine、The refrigerator、Solar energy、Water dispenser、Floor heating pipes、Small home appliance、For cleaning and disinfection sterilization services such as computer room。

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Have a simple introduction about kitchen equipment cleaning....

In general,In a hotel kitchen,Some small kitchen equipment,We are all to wash himself,Only the very large equipment professional kitchen equipment cleaning company to clean, please,So small make up,Then introduce you to the kitchen gadgets。How should we clean?...

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